Since 1996, SY Localization’s tenured staff has been offering comprehensive localization services - including software localization and testing, website globalization, document localization, multimedia localization, desktop publishing, integral solutions as well as localization consulting. Using the latest software and technology tools, our team of native-speaking technical and linguistic experts will convey the details and value of your product with one consistent voice. At the same time, a dedicated project manager will work to ensure that we put your business needs first.
Through multidisciplinary skills and single-minded focus, SY Localization made its commitment to help you take your company across the Wall. We have planted a thriving tree along the road to China.



Translation and localization projects are complex undertakings. To be successful, multiple activities need to be tightly integrated. SY Localization provides a range of language-related functional services designed to help you address specific aspects of translation and localization and to ensure success. We translate into / from the major Asian and European languages, localize software, website, eLearning, Multimedia and Marketing materials, typeset lots of file formats, engineering and testing on different platforms, databases, programming languages and technologies, interpreting and voiceover, in low-cost, high-quality and on-time manner.

Core translation and localization services we provide include: 

Terminology creation and management

Terminology validation
Style guide creation and maintenance
Review, editing and proofreading
Multilingual desktop publishing
Translation memory creation and alignment
Linguistic assessment of existing source or translation assets
Language/market pre-study and assessment

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SY Localization delivers large-scale, complex website localization projects, as well as quickly turning around website content updates, no matter how small they may be.

A centralized production model allows us to customize processes so controls can be maintained in order to provide full-service website localization, including rigorous testing across different operating systems and web browser types. Our experienced project managers, linguists, engineers and localization support staff are adept at handling a wide range of website localization projects including, cutting-edge Web 2.0 applications, dynamic e-commerce portals, static HTML, Flash or rich-media sites.

SY Localization links website localization strategies and processes to your web development road-map in order to decrease website localization timelines and costs. We can add further value to your website localization initiatives by giving sensible advice on website localization strategy, content authoring practices, content management, internationalization, website localization best practices, and globalization management systems.

Software Localization

SY Localization successfully delivers large-scale, multi-discipline software localization projects, as well as ongoing, regular patches and updates. We provide a range of customized processes based around best software localization and internationalization practices. Our ultimate goal is to help you align your software development practices and strategy with software localization processes in order to "decrease your delta". These robust yet flexible software localization strategies help you save localization time and costs as well as to build a solid platform from which to scale.
 These multi-discipline activities are managed by engineers, programmers, testers, linguists and localization support staff, who are adept at handling a wide range of software localization projects. Our experience includes GUI translation and localization, Help translation and recompilation as well as user documentation translation and multilingual desktop publishing.

If necessary, SY Localization can add further value to your software localization initiatives by giving sensible advice on software localization strategy, internationalization, software localization best practices, content authoring practices, content management and globalization management.
Multimedia Localization

SY Localization's multimedia localization service enables you to manage your projects with a single provider, helping to save you precious time and costs. You receive expert advice, services and processes for audio localization script writing and preparation; recordings by professional voice-talents covering main Asian and European languages; and on-screen voice synchronization and Flash integration.

The range of multimedia localization tasks needed to produce a professional end product are complex and challenging. However, technologies and processes involved in multimedia localization production have radically changed with the advent of digital audio, and SY Localization is fully equipped to meet and overcome every issue that could arise in the course of an audio localization or multimedia localization project.
Our consultative localization approach helps to identify potential technical or linguistic issues prior to project start-up to ensure your expectations are met and result in quality multimedia localization product deliverables. But both technical and design expertise are essential, and how we apply these resources will determine the overall success of your multimedia localization and audio localization projects.
eLearning Localization

With our in-depth understanding of the learner experience as a key competitive measure, SY Localization provides eLearning localization service that helps you deploy multilingual training programs in the most efficient way. It includes internationalization, engineering and development, localization, translation and quality assurance strategies to support your global eLearning technology and content deployment.
We support localization and translation of all popular course authoring, assessment and simulation capture tools. SY Localization can provide the knowledge and experience to make your training ready for the international market.
Our state-of-the-art virtual classroom solution takes the traditional benefits of an interactive classroom experience and improves upon it with easy-to-use tools and features for trainers and students alike. Students are able to participate in real-time via hand-raising, chat, feedback, and Q&A technologies that allow them to gain the maximum benefit from each virtual classroom session. It even allows you to record an entire virtual classroom session, including audio and real-time screen interaction, for later editing or self-paced training.

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Localization’s multilingual DTP team and well-established partners in China hava extensive technological expertise as well as solid typographical experience in character and alphabet languages. Working on Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, our studio is fully equipped with a large collection of multilingual fonts and standard word-processing, page-makeup and graphics software. Our extensive management, translation and publishing resources ensure that we can deliver projects quickly, and in the format that you need, hence reducing your time to market.

Publishing Tools & Formats

SY Localization deliver translated technical documentation designed for both on-line and off-line publishing utilizing SGML, XML and PDF formats.

The applications include Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Interleaf, CorelDraw, and Microsoft Office Suite tools.

To help convey your visual style to your intended readership we will advise you on design issues and typographical conventions. If you wish us to adapt existing material to work in another language, we make sure that the spirit of the original design is maintained. We can also adapt existing design so as to accommodate layout changes due to language variations, such as right to left reading texts in Arabic, or pictograms as found in Chinese.

Qualified native speaking translatorsOur highly skilled professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. Our thorough selection process ensures we deliver a service that meets with your expectations. This enables us to provide you with the highest possible linguistic quality in a current cultural context. Every completed SY Localization DTP is double checked for quality by a translator before we deliver the finished document to you.

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During the process of the translation of audio and video files according to the requirements of the Client the best SY Localization suppliers provide the transcription of the spoken text recoding the precise time it is spoken and then translate and localize the text into the selected target language. Voice-over refers to a production technique where a disembodied voice is broadcast live in radio, television, lm. The translated text is recorded by an actor, narrator, interpreter who do not appear on-screen, however the original text can still be heard in the background. SY Localization provides film, video and computer game translation and recording applying the voice-over technique. Translation is delivered to the client as a sound file. Dubbing is the process of recording voices that do not belong to the original actors and speak in a different language. SY Localization offers translation of the text provided for dubbing and records it in the sound studio. Recording of the translated text is done in a professional sound studio by professional actors or specialists of this area who are native speakers of the target language of a translation. Thus we can assure the high quality of the record. After the text is recorded, our specialists provide the file montage and the file is then delivered to the Client in the set format and time. Subtitling, subtitle translation SY Localization also provides subtitling and subtitle translation services. The process of subtitle production includes the creation of the subtile text in the source language providing the timecode, subtitle translation, taking into consideration the number of characters dertermined for each line. SY Localization provides the transcription of the subtitle text taking into consideration the timecodes, subtitle translation and preparation of the subtitle file for the further process of transmission or production. The most common subtitle file formats are .STL.EBU, PAC, CAP, etc.

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Interpreting services in SY Localization are managed principally by our dedicated unit, we work with you to understand your requirements, so that we can select the most appropriate interpreters for your conference or meeting. You can rely on top-notch interpreting services, the finest equipment available and our proven experience in the linguistic field to make your event productive and memorable.

SY Localization has experience of managing and setting up interpreting services and processes for:
 ·  Customer call centers
 · Hospitals and other medical institutions
 · Emergency services
 ·Global conferences and sales meetings
 · Product media launches
 ·Government departments
We provide regular services in:
 ·Simultaneous interpreting for meetings, conferences or teleconferences involving two or more languages
 · Whispered and consecutive interpreting
 ·All major European and Asian languages
 ·Solutions for two to thousands delegates
 ·Public relations director, proactive coordinators, professional teams of interpreters, state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled technicians
Our extensive quality assurance program and client-friendly business model mean you can be assured of a qualified interpreter in the language you need, with easy ordering and tracking. For hard-to-find languages, high volume requirements, or a specific subject area, SY Localization Interpretings is your language partner.

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             Translation and localization are key for any organization aiming to expand worldwide.
In addition to our Global Content Management solution, SY Localization delivers a wide range of services to help organizations address their needs in terms of content management.
           We are able to support any type of company with our capabilities, linguistic technologies and resources from around the globe.


             SY Localization offers integrated and professional localization solutions in various industries. With a large team of in-house linguistic experts complemented by functional consultants in each subject area, we specialize in the fields of IT and software, automotive, medical, Education & e-Learning, electronics and telecommunications, finance and legal etc.

            We believe suitable solutions lead to desired results. SY Localization has helped its clients meet the challenges involved in localization and successfully take their services and products worldwide. This section is intended to provide you with an insight into our solutions, and some representative practices that demonstrate how our clients reach their expectations by relying on the solutions SY Localization provided.


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