Each customer is different. Every project is different. Why then would we consider applying a standard process to your work? We make it our business to understand yours; and we adapt our process to suit yours. We'll listen, understand and apply the best practices from other successful relationships. Then we'll deliver what you need, when you need it. Whatever it takes.
Sometimes, we've all been there at 10:00pm on a Sunday evening working on our computer, when you should have a good weekend with Child. Yes, working late because your localization is not ready is even more disappointing than absence with Child.
Imagine being able to trust your localization partner completely. No more working late on weekends, no more quality concerns, no more missed deadlines… in short: no more disappointments.
The service we provide is not just localization. It's your gateway to global success and peace of mind. Content is king but context is God. It is not possible to successfully complete a localization project without understanding the cultural and linguistic context. That's why our teams are always local - they know how to join the dots that hide behind the words on a page or screen.
We think it better to judge a company by its capacity to deliver rather than the size of the company itself. We can handle virtually any written language you care to think of. We deliver millions of translated words every month and parse millions of lines of code. What we represent is more than'a localization company in China, but a global team of proven professionals that come together to deliver the results you need. Our size and flexibility enable us to scale and respond to the most challenging projects with reassuring agility.
Everyone can say that they offer high-quality translations, but not everyone can say that their company has a year-to-year retention rate of 99.9%. By working with a team with virtually no staff rotation, you will enjoy the most personalized VIP service.
Our 24-hour services are a one-stop solution for anything localization related. So, you can get that VIP treatment while scaling your company globally.
Delivering localization as a service demands effective interaction between teams that stretch across many borders and boundaries, both geographical and commercial. It is often a relationship between the poetry of language and the precision of meaning, a process that demands experience and the intuitive skills of linguistic and localization specialists. But the real relationship is between the translated word and the intended message of the author, which is a balance only a human can achieve.
We are a Global Top 100 Language Service Provider (LSP).
We work with established in-country linguists to provide superior localisation services and expert advice to our blue-chip customers.
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Dadong District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China.
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