We know what our clients expect in terms of service and quality. Over the years we have put a range of mechanisms inplace that ensure the best and most thorough treatment of our client's requests.
For a game or software to succeed in different languages, the Linguistic Quality Assurance step is something you don't want to skip. Here, your localization partner will test and review the following aspects of your game orsoftware across all applicable platforms:
For eye principle and continuous quality checks: The translation of your documentation is based on the 4 eye principle including translation as well as a revision of the translated text by a secondnative translator specialized in the industry. Manual and automated comprehensive QA checks are applied all along the translation process. Best shoring for best cost/performance ratio: our global presence and network allowsus to best-shore all your requests making the most out of our local resources atthe appropriate location. The quality of your translated and localized documentation will increase while saving your money.
reviewing the localization in context to spot any errors or misinterpretations
flagging any overlapped text, truncated characters, font-supporting problems, text left understated, or any UI/UX issues
identifying any aspect of the game that would be inappropriate or ineffective in the target culture
detecting any bugs or commands not showing or working properly
We are a Global Top 100 Language Service Provider (LSP).
We work with established in-country linguists to provide superior localisation services and expert advice to our blue-chip customers.
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