With more and more frequent commercial trade contact between different countries around the world, competent companies are dedicating to expand global market, and conduct overseas business outsourcing, product export and international project cooperation etc. This trend is followed by the prosperity of business service, such as business consultancy, advertisement, public relations, commercial training and translation services etc. Enterprise translation services involve the translation of all the documents in the business service field. All kinds of business documents in various business service fields, such as Articles of Incorporation, business report, business proposal, financial statement, training documents and websites etc, belong to the scope of translation. Business document translation is not only limited in the business discipline, but involves more of its relevant industry-specific techniques, and requires shorter delivery time and more preciseness than before.

Such context requires translators to be proficient in the translation of business documents, company profile, business letters, materials in human resources and other related fields, and have experience in the translation of projects in different styles, content and segments, such as resumes, enterprise websites, letters, documents, articles of corporation, reports, news release and so on. Furthermore, when handling business translation projects relating to other industries, he or she should arrange linguistic experts in corresponding specialties and business translation experts to deal with projects together.

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