Employees, customers and partners prefer to be trained in their local languages with localized training materials worldwide, and the learner's experience is a key criteria to measure the training effect. With rapidly changing business requirements, increasing competitive pressures and technological innovation changing day by day, it is critical to provide the education, training and e-Learning satisfied by your clients, employees and partners, in order to improve the competitive edge. In addition, providing multimedia e-Learning training via the Web facilitates the users, meanwhile helping the companies save much money.

With decades of experience in localization field, SY Localization are always here to help our clients build sustainable, long-term strategies for managing your global products, user-assistance materials and training content for different markets, languages and cultures. we offers full-service translation, editing and engineering, including:

  Glossary and style guide development
 Translation, editing and proofreading
 Design and desktop publishing
 Reprint/QA services
 Online editorial services
 Interpretation services
 Voiceover/dubbing and recording services

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