Our Workflow:

1: Project Kick-off
The project manager goes over the client's requirements regarding document type, language, turn-around time and  format etc, analyses the file, submits quotation and gets a formal Purchase Order from the client.

2: Project Preparation
The project manager appoints a project team, prepares a project kit/glossary, makes a plan and provides technical training for team members if necessary. The project manager also communicates with clients about problems and finds feasible solutions.

3: TEP Processes (TEP=Translation, Editing and Proofreading)
Translations are carried out by translators who have related background experience and are native speakers of the target languages. Query reports from  translators to the specified person are used to solve problems and share information promptly. Editors review 100% of the translations by comparing the target language against the source language. Accuracy, grammar, spelling, and writing style are checked thoroughly to eliminate all the  mistranslation,  omitting words, spelling errors and grammar errors, meanwhile using the appropriate words an keeping consistant. Proofreaders read through the whole translated content to improve expression and style in order to comply with the  target language requirements.

4: Quality Assurance (QA)
A separate QA process and tool are used to check and unify the terms, format, repeating sentences etc.

5: Project Sign-off
A final review of the project will be performed item by item to make sure all the requirements have been met with the client. The finished files are submitted to clients by QA manager.

6: Project Feedback
Based on the feedback from the client, make the necessary changes and deliver the updated file.

7: Project Summary
The team will be gathered to summarize the project according to client's feedback. The project manager maintains the glossary, prepare for the similar projects and backs up all the related files.

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