Global Content Management

Since its creation, SYL works hand in hand with Localization institutions and other public and private organizations, delivering them their documents translated and localized in all target languages. However, the significant increase in the volume of documents and unstructured content rendered translation on the fly, update or review of data and multi-support publication almost impossible to handle, highly time-consuming, and expensive.

SYL came up with an intergrated solution based on savvy mix of services and technology to facilitate, automate and speed up the management of global information regardless of the volume of documents involved.

SYL combines linguistic applications and services delivering translations of content and localization of digital assets, the access to various industry-specific terminology database while enriching exclusive translation memories and glossaries for each client. Documents, images and illustrations are then translated and localized in accordance with the tone, style and vernacular commonly used in within the organization and guarantee that all information are made understandable to all, regardless of their target languages.

SYL also enables customers to review translations in real-time, change or add the number of source and target languages initially selected, monitor each aspect of the translation, create communities of reviewers or editors, select the vendors they wish to use. They can also choose amongst a series of complementary services meant to help them fill in their exact expectations.


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