Core translation and localization services we provide include:

·Terminology creation and management
·Terminology validation
·Style guide creation and maintenance
·Review, editing and proofreading
·Multilingual desktop publishing
·Translation memory creation and alignment
·Linguistic assessment of existing source or translation assets
·Language/market pre-study and assessment At its simplest, translation means conversion of content from a source language to a target language. In reality, translation requires much more, including qualified in-country translators, defined processes for quality assurance, for proofreading and editing, and sound terminology management.


 An effective terminology management is becoming increasingly important and can help you strengthening your corporate identity, increase efficiency and improve quality.


More and more businesses enter into very specialized areas and regulations get every day more complex and intransparent. This means that industry-specific and technical terms are increasing in number and importance among many languages. Using the right terminology helps you communicating the rate way, avoiding confusion, ensuring compliance and bringing your message across exactly the way you intended.


Combing over 10 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology, SY Localization can help you set up a customized terminology database that then can be seamlessly integrated into your translation and localization process and maintained on the go. Depending on your requirements, we can build up your term base from scratch via terminology extraction or we can consolidate all existing terminology, incorporate it in your desired infrastructure and make it available for you in your whole content creation process.

 In addition, good communication within the translation team, including the customer and/or third party reviewers, and proper use of tools and technology to make the process of translation efficient are also essential.
 Our experience going back to 1996 enables us to provide the essence of today's professional translation services - accurate and consistent translations of products and content which meet the customers' and local requirements for quality and cultural appropriateness. In addition, our translations use terminology and style which reflect the customer's company culture and the expectations of their end users.
 Our focus is on providing fast, economical translation services that build on robust translation methodologies, quality processes and a global network of qualified and trained native-speaker translators located in target countries.

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